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LIPPY is a rebellious, feminist magazine, whose opinions and stories would otherwise not be covered by a traditional or mainstream magazine. Rough charcoal sketches, paper cut collages, and grainy images are used to make the magazine feel edgy and crude.

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Foot Path in a food festival that features locally foraged food from Ontario’s green belt, prepared and served by local chefs and mixologists. The concept behind the branding was to create the feeling of handcrafted beauty.



fine foraged

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of  healing

The Essentials of Healing is a beginner’s guide to using essential oils to heal minor sickness, aid discomfort, and use remedies for basic housekeeping. For this conceptual book, all my own photography was used. 

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Amputain is a conceptual pharmaceutical that would soothe the pain caused by Phantom Limb Syndrome. Project scope began as brand and product development, and later rolled into website design and a direct mailing campaign.


 pain  relief

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baked goods

Sweet Herbs is a marijuana edibles bakery whose goal is to create a warm and friendly environment for new cannabis consumers. The brand is warm, friendly, and attempts to break the stigma of Marijuana being only for the ‘stoner’ culture.

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VIVID gum is packed with intense flavor. The target demographic is young people with a sweet tooth, but might be looking for a way to cut back their sugar intake. VIVID achieves extraordinary flavor with artificial sugars, making it a great alternative to candy.


bright blissful bold

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BENDR   find your drinking buddy

Social connection app aimed at people who are new to an area, and are looking for a specific type of nightlife experience based of their personality.

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Our Wasteful World is an informational webpage that monitors global waste production. The illustration style of each chart replicated a contour map, and it’s a system of showing hills, and mass.



data plotting


Jaymee Bester

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